Read This Before Buying Disposable Shoe Covers... Pros & Cons of Paper and Plastic Disposable Shoe Covers

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That is why I created a list of the Best Shoe Covers of 2019. After researching online and spending
hours testing out various shoe covers, I have shorten the list down to top 5 shoe covers which you can buy right now.

Wearing protective shoe covers not only protects your shoes from potential contaminants but also prevents you from tracking outside dirt and germs into someone else’s space, whether it’s the home, hospital room, or the office. They’re a really simple piece of personal protective equipment that keeps you and your surroundings clean and helps you maintain a very professional look.

Shoe covers come in a lot of different shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of industries. There are different styles to choose from as well as different colors and materials. Choosing the right one depends on several factors, including the size and type of shoes they’ll be covering as well as any work rules and regulations that apply.

There are a few different types of shoe covers to choose from but disposable paper and plastic shoe covers are an easy, practical solution that’s suitable for a wide range of industries. Here’s how you can decide if these shoe covers are the right fit for your line of work.

Why Use Shoe Covers?

People wear shoe covers for two primary reasons. The first is to keep any dirt, water, germs, and debris from contaminating the room they’re walking into and the other is to protect them from any contaminants that they could pick up from the floor and then transfer elsewhere.

To find a good example of why shoe covers are so important, all you have to do is look to healthcare workers. Shoe covers prevent doctors, nurses, and aides from transferring germs between one room to another and contain the dirt and debris brought in from outside. They also protect the doctor’s or nurse’s shoes from coming into contact with any bodily fluids or toxic medications that are found in certain areas of the facility. You can easily see how important this is in an operating room setting or when working with patients who are at risk of infection.

Hospitals aren’t the only industry that benefits from disposable shoe covers but they’re a good example of just how simple and effective they are. Another example is a police officer at a crime scene who needs protection from the surrounding and should also prevent bringing in anything from the outside or a plumber.


Sometimes, a shoe cover’s primary purpose is to protect the shoe. Other times, it’s a matter of respecting the customer’s property and doing your best not to drag in any dirt or debris when installing their cable or doing repair work. Industrial settings like paint shops and even auto mechanics have been known to require shoe covers, too, since sensitive machines can be damaged by outside dust and debris.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Disposable Shoe Cover

When choosing the right kind of shoe covers for your industry, here are a few things to ask yourself.

1. Should the shoe covers be changed out when moving from room to room?

There are some industries where you should really be concerned about cross-contamination. Healthcare is one place where this could be a problem as you move from one patient room to the next but consider fields like gardening when plant molds and bacteria can be spread from one plant to another or plumbing where you’ll be working in some of the dirtiest areas of someone’s home before moving on to your next client. Changing shoe covers when traveling between locations dramatically decreases these problems.

2. Are non-slip soles required?

If you’re worried about tracking debris onto a customer’s carpet, non-slip soles may not be necessary but if you’re working in a greenhouse, hospital, or industrial space where exposure to spills is a real possibility, non-slip soles are worth the investment. it’s never a bad idea to have non-slip soles but they are particularly important in certain environments.

3. Do You Have the right size?

The fit is really important when it comes to shoe covers. Wearing a pair that are too big can result in more accidents from trips and falls and those that are too small don’t provide the necessary level of coverage. If you’re buying shoe covers for your employees, make sure to get a variety of sizes so everyone is covered. Some shoe covers are available in small, medium, and large while others are one size fits most.

4. Are there any specific safety regulations to consider?

There are some specific requirements for shoe covers from OSHA that are based on hazards present in the work environment so be sure that you’re familiar with them before choosing a shoe cover.

Pros and Cons of Disposable Shoe Covers

When choosing shoe covers, one popular type you’ll discover is disposable. They’re usually made of a blend of paper and various plastics or other synthetic materials. How do you know if they’re right for you? Here’s a list of pros and cons to help you figure it out.



  • Disposable shoe covers come in quantities that are large enough for multiple people on staff and are a convenient way to make sure everyone has the right size
  • They’re really easy to get on and fit over any shoe or boot
  • Some brands can be used more than once before throwing them away
  • They do a good job of holding up to dirt and debris
  • Non-slip designs are reliable on most surfaces




  • In the long run, disposable shoe covers are more expensive than reusable ones
  • If the fit is too loose, they can be a tripping hazard
  • They do not tolerate moisture well and are likely rip or tear when wet
  • Since they have to be thrown away with each use, they’re not very environmentally friendly


Top 5 Best Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable shoe covers are an affordable, convenient way to get the protection you need whether you’re installing cable in people’s homes or working a long shift in the operating room. If you’ve decided that the disposable option is right for you, here are five of the best products available.

1. ShuBee Waterproof Shoe & Boot Covers

Comes in a variety of colors

Our top pick for best disposable shoe covers is the ShuBee Waterproof Shoe & Boot Covers. Shubee has been making personal protection products for people in the service industry since 2000. The designs have been fine-tuned over the years but they’re always been made to handle tough jobs.

These shoe and boot covers are larger than some other brands because they’re made to fit big, bulky work boots and shoes. Although they’re disposable, the durable plastic material is waterproof and tougher than a lot of other options on the market. These covers tolerate mud, dirt, rain, ice, snow, and sleet so no matter what you step in on your way to your client’s home, it won’t find its way onto their floors.

This is a great size to cover a large crew. You get three boxes, each containing 80 individual shoe covers or 40 pairs in all. They fit work boots up to size 18 and are available in eight different colors.

2. Blue Shoe Guys Disposable Boot and Shoe Covers

See Pic Here:

Next up are these disposable shoe covers from Blue Shoe Guys. These high-quality covers are constructed from 100% medical-grade polypropylene. The material is really dense and super strong. In fact, they last for 70% more usage than other disposable options.

Not only are they easy to get off and on but they also have a built-in elastic band for a safe, secure fit. They’re lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear plus they have a non-skid lining that’s ideal for working in areas where you might be exposed to liquid or other slipping hazards.

Although they’re considered disposable, these covers can actually be used multiple times. The large size fits men’s shoe sizes to 12 and women’s sizes to 13.5 and this pack of 100 lasts for dozens of uses and is really economical.

These covers are 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and free from latex, phthalates, and PVC. They’re made by a small family-owned business and are manufactured in a low carbon footprint factory. Although disposable shoe covers aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly, they do a good job of making up for it.

One more thing. If you’re not satisfied with these shoe covers for any reason, Blue Shoe Guys will give your full money back.

3. ShuBee White Shoe & Boot Covers

See Price Here:

Another great option from ShuBee is their original shoe cover. They share the brand’s bigger and better design and are made especially for service industry professionals. These shoe covers fit men’s work boots up to a size 18 and thicker and more durable than comparable disposable products.

These shoe covers are made of a breathable, cloth-like material and are available in eight different colors. This is a case that contains 150 pairs or 300 shoe covers total. It’s a great choice if you need to supply shoe covers for a large group of people or if you’re looking for a large supply to stash in your work truck or van so you’re always prepared to enter a client’s home.

Something really awesome about these covers is they’re one size fits most. When worn correctly, the same size will easily fit over large work boots and can be gathered at the ankle to accommodate smaller sizes. This makes it really easy to find the right size, whether you’re ordering stock to share with your team or quickly grabbing a pair from the dispenser on your way out the door.

4. TrueBlue Disposables Premium Disposable Boot and Shoe Covers

See Price Here:

Another good option is these disposable shoe covers from TrueBlue Disposables. This company has been a leader in the disposable products industry for more than 25 years so you can trust that their products are some of the best around.

TrueBlue Disposable Shoe Covers are non-toxic, phthalate and PVC free. They’re made of heavy-duty, non-woven fabric that’s breathable, tear- and rip-resistant, and non-skid. Plus, they have an elastic band that fits most shoe sizes up to a men’s size 12. This pack contains 100 shoe covers in all or 50 pairs total.

This is a really great choice if you’re looking for something to keep in your work truck or keep by the door of your garage or greenhouse for people to quickly grab onto as they head out the door. That’s not all, these shoe covers also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, return your purchase within 60 days for a full refund.

5. Waverly Tools Disposable Protective Shoe and Boot Covers

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These disposable covers from Waverly Tools are perfect for going in and out of clients’ homes without tracking in any dirt and germs. They’re made of premium-grade, heavy-duty polypropylene that’s resistant to tearing and moisture and lasts a little longer than the competition.

Because these shoe covers are so durable, they can be reused a few times if necessary. They come in 10 rolls of 10 and are really easy to store and transport. Keep a roll in your toolbox and a few in your truck to restock when needed or give a bundle to everyone on your crew.

These covers fit a variety of shoe sizes—even large men’s boots up to a size 11. They’re kept snugly in place with elastic at the ankle and across the sole. Although anyone can use these covers, they’re especially suited to contractors, plumbers, electricians, or anyone who regularly enters someone else’s home.

Stay Safe, Stay Covered

Whether you’re worried about tracking mud all over a client’s clean white carpet or don’t want to step in anything potentially hazardous, shoe covers are a quick, convenient way to prevent any mishaps. There are a few kinds of shoe covers to choose from but the disposable variety provides the ease of convenience you need to stay protected during a busy workday. Just grab a pair, pop them on, and go.

We hope that we made it a little easier for you to find the perfect disposable shoe covers for you and your crew.

Shoe Booties: 8 Ways They Protect You

While some people might be hesitant to wear shoe covers because they look a little silly, it’s important to understand that there are a lot of significant benefits to wearing them. While they may look a bit funny, they’re designed to provide the protection workers need to do their jobs safely and professionally.

What Is a Shoe Bootie?

Shoe booties are also known as shoe covers and ankle booties. They slide over the sole of your shoes or work boots and are usually held in place at the top of your shoe with elastic. Because they keep the sole of your shoe contained, they create a barrier between the bottom of your shoe and the floor.

There are a few different kinds of show covers. Reusable booties are usually made of durable waterproof plastic and can be washed and reused over and over again. Disposable booties, on the other hand, are worn once or twice and then thrown away.

Let’s take a closer look at eight ways shoe booties protect you and your business to understand why they’re such an important part of personal protection equipment for so many industries.

1. They keep rooms clean

It’s true that there are a lot of ways that shoe booties protect you, but they also protect the room you’re walking into, which can be really important to your business’ bottom line. If your employees walked into someone’s home and tracked mud and dirt everywhere, it wouldn’t reflect well on your business.

Any industry that involved regularly entering customer’s homes can benefit from wearing shoe covers. Whether you’re a plumber, repairman, or you work for the cable company, it’s not easy to go in and out of people’s homes all day without making a mess. Shoe covers are a fast and easy way to prevent this from happening.

2. They keep your shoes and boots clean

While a construction worker or farmer might not care about getting mud and dirt on their workboots, there are some professions that require protection to keep their footwear clean. Doctors and nurses who work in emergency rooms or operating rooms are regularly exposed to blood and other bodily fluids. While some hospitals provide scrubs the change into during their shifts, they don’t always provide shoes. Instead, these professionals cover up their footwear with shoe covers so they can avoid getting blood all over their shoes.

You don’t have to be a doctor or surgeon to want to keep your shoes clean, though. Anyone who works around materials that can cause a mess will find shoe covers useful. Imagine a plumber in a bathroom where a toilet has just overflowed or a crew cleaning up a basement that had been flooded. Anytime there’s something potentially gross that you don’t want on your shoes, grabbing a shoe bootie is a quick way to protect yourself.


3. They stop cross-contamination


This is a big one depending on what industry you work in and goes above and beyond merely keeping a room clean. To understand why preventing cross-contamination is so important, it helps to understand that every time you leave one room and enter another, you take something from the first room into the second. That could be dirt, dust, or debris put it can also be something much more serious.

This is particularly important for healthcare workers, especially those who work with patients that are prone to infection. Shoe covers help protect the patient not only from things brought in from the outside but also germs from the next room over. Gloves and gowns are common when taking care of patients like this but germs can travel on your feet just as easily as they can your shirt.

There are other industries where this is important, too. Consider industrial gardeners moving from greenhouse to greenhouse or plant to plant, transferring insects or diseases from one plant to another. Simply changing shoe covers from one place to the next can prevent a lot of problems in the future.

4. They protect your business reputation

Imagine entering a customer’s home and tracking mud and dirt all over their clean floors and carpet. What if it’s a rainy day and you just can’t seem to keep your shoes clean between one home and the next? We already talked about how shoe booties prevent mess but they also have a big impact on the way your customers perceive you.

Placing shoe covers on before entering a customer’s home really shows them you care about the work you’re doing and that you respect their home. When your customers know you care about them, they’re more likely to recommend you to someone else. Simply wearing shoe covers before entering a customer’s home can increase your word-of-mouth advertising and help build the reputation of your business.

5. They keep flooring protected

If you just spend hours shampooing carpets, finishing hardwood flooring or scrubbing the tile floor in the bathroom, wearing shoe booties protects your hard work by keeping the floor safe from the dirt on the bottom of your shoes. Shoe booties also help cut down on wear since they prevent the hard-rugged soles of workboots from coming in constant contact with carpet or tile.

6. They protect you from injuries while on the job

There are a lot of different safety compliance rules and regulations for different industries. Some are implemented by the companies themselves while others are enforced by OSHA. Foot covers aren’t always a required piece of personal protective equipment but perhaps they should be. Not only can they protect you from picking up potentially harmful substances like bacteria, harsh chemicals, or bodily fluids, but they can also prevent slipping which can reduce workplace accidents and injuries.

7. They let you work safely without taking up too much time

Shoe booties are the fastest, easiest way to make sure you’re not spreading around dirt and germs. Yes, you could bring a spare set of boots or shoes and change into them every time you enter a customer’s home or go from one room to the next but how much time will that waste? How much will productivity suffer?

Keep a box of shoe covers in your car or place a box right by the exit so everyone can grab a pair on their way out the door. They take seconds to put on over your shoes so you can get back to work faster.

8. They protect your bottom line

Shoe booties are an easy and affordable way to make sure your business is as successful as possible. By preventing accidents and keeping rooms free from dirt, debris, and contaminants, your business instantly appears more professional.

The small investment of providing shoe booties to employees can really have an effect on your business’ bottom line. Happy customers come back to the businesses they love time and again and are a reliable source of word of mouth advertising. You can’t afford not to use shoe booties!

The Best Shoe Booties

Whether you’re looking for disposable shoe booties or a pair of shoe covers you can use over and over again, we found some of the best products out there to help you decide which is the best one for you.

1. ShuBee Black Shoe & Boot Covers

This original shoe cover from ShuBee is made for service industry professionals. They’re one of the largest sizes available and can cover men’s boots up to size 18. The material is thicker and more durable than their competitors and the breathable, cloth-like material is available in eight different colors.

This is a good choice if you want to provide covers for your whole crew. The case contains 300 shoe covers in all or 150 pairs and the unique design fits most shoes, no matter what size. Just gather the elastic at the ankle to make sure you get the right fit. That’s enough to last quite a while whether or not you decide to share.

2. Blue Shoe Guys Disposable Boot and Shoe Covers

See Price Here:

Next up are the disposable shoe covers from Blue Shoe Guys. They’re made from 100% medical-grade polypropylene, which is really tough and dense and lasts 70% longer than other disposable options. In fact, they’re so strong, you can use them a few times before having to dispose of them.

A built-in elastic band helps you adjust them for a secure fit up to a men’s size 12. They’re really lightweight and breathable plus they have a non-skid lining that comes in really handy in wet, hazardous environments.

One downside to disposable foot covers is they’re not especially good for the environment which is why the Blue Shoe Guys do everything they can to make up for it. They’re a small, family-owned business that uses a factory with a low carbon footprint to make these shoe booties. The covers are also 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and free from latex, phthalates, and PVC. Plus, if you’re not happy for any reason, they’ll give you your full money back.

3. ShuBee Waterproof Shoe & Boot Covers

See All Available Colors Here:

Another great option from ShuBee are these waterproof disposable shoe booties. They’re larger than most other brands and a great fit for big, bulky workboots up to a men’s size 18. The durable plastic material is pretty tough and can tolerate mud, rain, dirt, ice, and even snow. No matter what you walk through on the way to your customer’s front door, these shoe booties will keep their floors clean and dry.

This is a great choice for sharing, too. There are three boxes in all, each containing 40 pairs of booties. Whether you give everyone on your crew a pair or place them by the door so everyone can grab theirs as they start the day, these durable shoe covers help get the job done.

4. MyShoeCovers Premium Reusable Shoe and Boot Covers

See Price Here:

These reusable shoe booties from MyShoeCovers are made of durable, high-quality fabric and overlock stitched to last a long time. They feature non-skid water and slip-resistant rubberized soles as well as water-resistant polyurethane-coated uppers to keep everything nice and dry.

Reusable booties aren’t as forgiving size-wise as reusable one because they’re not quite as flexible. These shoe covers are available in five different sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits you.

All you have to do to keep these shoe booties clean is toss them in the washing machine and they’re ready to face another day. They’re made in the USA and available in black and blue.

5. Pro Shoe Covers Washable Reusable Shoe and Boot Covers

See Price Here:

Last up are these washable shoe covers from Pro Shoe Covers. They come in four different sizes that fit over shoes as small as a women’s size eight and as large as a men’s size 17—so just about anyone should be able to find the perfect size.

These booties feature durable nylon uppers with a coated interior that prevents any moisture or dirt from escaping. Black soles provide a strong, durable grip so you don’t have to worry about skidding or sliding. They’re made in the USA and, depending on use, you can wash and reuse them for anywhere from six to 12 months.

Shoe Booties: All Around Protection for Your Feet and Your Business

It might seem silly to say that something as simple as shoe booties can have a huge impact on your business but there are certain situations where you can see how much they affect day-to-day operations. Not only do they save time and money but they also show your customers that you respect their home and take your job seriously.

Whether you’re installing someone’s cable, working in a greenhouse, or starting your shift in the hospital, make sure you use the proper protection. Both reusable and disposable booties can help you stay clean, dry, and only your feet no matter what your long work day throws at you.